Art.Peace.Imagine is a non-profit organization that seeks to use Art to promote a new culture of Peace in public places. Last year we went to India to work with The Piyali Learning Center - a school near Kolkata, India which promotes education for the youth there as an important weapon against poverty and crime among young adults. This intriguing combination of education and Art in a poor village in India is a fine example for the world. The videos shown here highlight the success of our effort in India as well as in the US with a sister project called the Peace Chair Project. Further information can be found at and .

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Art of Peace Imagine In Action

The Peace Chair Project was co-founded by artist Catalina McIsaac, teacher Laurie Wright, and graphic artist Erica Holten. Catallna, who, in her own words, "was frustrated with the way the world handles conflict." has developed a virtual peace curriculum, working with Central Coast schools to foster an environment of understanding, acceptance, and respect. In this film, the Los Prietos Boys Camp (a Santa Barbara county correctional institution for youth) created and presented several "Peace Chairs" to Mary Buren elementary school. The students delighted in the creative gifts, but more importantly, accepted them as symbols of an alternative, thoughtful approach to dealing with conflict and frustration. This is a trailer for the documentary film, "Art of Peace Imagine".